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Yala National Park, Southern Province, Sri Lanka.

Expanded around 130000 hectares, #Yala #National #Park is located in the borders of both Southern and #Uva Province Sri Lanka. The nearest city to the park is #Hambantota. Travelers who are keen on exploring wildlife in Sri Lanka, do not miss #Yala when they wander around Ceylon. It is home to a plethora of animals and plants. The park is most famous for its density of #elephants and #leopards. It is an attraction to both local and foreign travelers. The #safari experience is a must gain at Yala National Park. Vishmi Travels invites wildlife lovers around the world to explore this kaleidoscopic natural environment in Sri Lanka. #Yala is situated approximately 260km from Colombo metropolitan. There are 5 blocks in the area of the park. However, not all these blocks are accessible to the comers. #Palatupana and #Katagamuwa open the gates for blocks one and two. Yala, ironically, was the hunting ground for British rulers during the colonial period. Now, it is home to rare species of animals and other numerous #flora and #fauna. Safari jeeps are available for travelers between 6 a.m to 6 p.m.

What you can do and see at the park

Safari and Beach Experience

Travelers will be able to witness #leopards, #elephants, #sloth #bears, #crocodiles, #peacocks and the turtles along the coastline of the park. You may now wonder how a COAST LINE? Yes. #Yala National park is a few minutes away from the Indian ocean. Hence, you can see the beautiful sea also. Besides, seeing colorful birds and listening to their chirping choirs will ease the fatigue you may get during the journey. According to our estimation, the best time of the day to see the park comfortably would be either the early morning or the afternoon. The area is acrid and the heat of the scorching sun would not be appealing to the visitors even if you are under the safe roof of a safari jeep. In the evening, you can go to the #beach and see the beautiful sunset at the horizon also. #Safari tours are available in two types: full day and half day. You can choose according to your preference and budget.


We know that many would love to go camping in a vicinity like #Yala. Here you go! Yala has campsite accommodation. If you travel as a family, do not worry, every type of camper is welcome. However, Vishmi Travels reminds the travelers that adhering to the rules and regulations like refraining from alcohol, cigarettes, or any other flammable stuff is a must. You should not be the source of provoking wild animals. Apart from camping, if you need to stay a night in the park, there is a #bungalow. And, a nice memoir written by Michael Ondaatje “Running in the Family” describes well what sort of an experience that would be. It is even unimaginable to be safely encircled by the roaring of leopards and forest sounds at night. But it would be a dream come true if the travelers venture out to experience it.

Don't Forget

However, Vishmi Travels would like to reiterate and remind the responsibility that the travelers have to respect the guidelines and the instructions of the guides. Since you are going to see wild but not tamed animals you have to ensure their and your safety at the same time. And, leaving the environment intact is another utmost responsibility that would help to maintain the environmental sanity of the park.

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