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Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka, another attractive travel destination

Vishmi Travels never fails in taking travelers through beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. #Unawatuna #beach is one such beautiful attraction in Sri Lanka.

#Unawatuna beach takes the shape of a banana and its beauty is enhanced by the mediterranean blue color water and golden sand. As usual, the green coconut groves stand like giant pillars along the beach, adding beauty and a nice color combination to the environment. Once travelers come to #Unawatuna beach, they do not forget to go and visit the #pagoda and the big #Buddha #statue that sits at the west end of the beach, on a hill. The path way to there lies on rocks and stairs.

Travelers are able to witness a panoramic view of the sea from the apex of the hill. If travelers are in need of local food and gallery items, walk through the palm trees behind the beach towards the #Unawatuna center. There, the travelers will encounter galleries, small restaurants and textile shops from where you can experience an authentic Sri Lankan journey. However, we should admit that the beach is really crowded but still, it is worth paying a visit. There are #seabeds that you can rent and have some fun. But, for a better and more calm beach experience check out for more information about beaches in Sri Lanka.

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