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Koggala Beach, Sri Lanka is a place where travelers must go! It is a lot of fun!

#Southern #province in Sri Lanka is an ideal paradise for beach experiences for travelers, both local and foreign. #Koggala #Beach lies along the #Matara-#Galle road. Travelers who come to Galle do not miss #Koggala beach for any reason. And, following are the reasons why travelers do not miss this place. Vishmi Travels highly recommends that beach lovers, water sports lovers, and sea species lovers that #Koggala #Beach is a place you should add to your travel vlogs.

Attractions at Koggala beach and its vicinity

It is the #longest #beach on the island aligned to a calm environment with greenish palm trees. The turquoise water and the golden sand add to this beauty an imperial look. Apart from the natural beauty, there are human-made places near the beach that you can visit if you come to #Koggala beach.

What do the travelers do at Koggala beach?

Travelers find #Koggala beach to be an ideal place to do water sports like #surfing, #diving, #snorkeling, #windsurfing, and #kiteSurfing. Apart from that, tourists can find beachside seats and hammocks where the visitors can spend time freely. Another fascinating activity to behold here is stilt #fishing. Sometimes, looking at this fishing activity is jaw-dropping. This is done by sitting on a crossbar placed horizontally to a vertical pole. Sometimes, the beholders can’t even take their eyes off this activity.

List of places near the Koggala beach

There are several Buddhist hermitages where you can go if you need to appreciate Sri Lankan culture and history. Then, there is #Koggala #lake and #MadolDoova Island. This island is very famous in Sri Lanka because the late writer Mr.Martin Wickramasinghe wrote a famous children's novel woven around this island. The story is somewhat similar to the world-famous adventure story series written by Enid Blyton. If you are interested, there is an English translation of Mr. Wickramasinghe’s book as well. Having said that, it is Vishmi Travels’ responsibility to unravel that there is a museum allocated for this late writer in #Koggala. There is a turtle hatchery and the Koggala airport. Travelers can pay a visit to these places as well since they are close to the beach.

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