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Viharamahadevi Park, Colombo, Sri Lanka

#Viharamahadevi #Park in Colombo is not just a park, but an interlude in the middle of a crowded and warm city. If travelers need a quick escape from the scorching sun, a free time to spend with their loved ones without paying any fee, this is the ideal place for it. This is a haven for lovers, but all travelers of every age category are welcome here. Vishmi Travels assures the quality of the beautiful experience that travelers can have here because this is a well-maintained park. Once you enter the park and keep going inside you will forget that you are in a busy city.

Entrance to the Viharamahadevi Park

Travelers can enter the park from wherever they go because the fences have been removed. But the main entrance way lies right in front of the Colombo Town Hall. There is a big statue of Lord Buddha and square pools of water at the main entrance. But people enter the park from all directions and there is no barrier to that.

What is there to enjoy in Viharamahadevi Park?

Peaceful environment

Nobody will disturb your repose unless you are harming the environment of the park. There are shady canopies and well-maintained lawns. Travelers can even sit on those lawns and spend the time. There are plenty of benches made of cement and wood. You can sit and enjoy the time as well.

Pony rides

What locals love most about the park is the availability of the opportunity for pony riding. Children love this activity the most. It would be a nice experience to ride a pony across a beautiful park under shady canopies.

Children’s play area

If you are a traveler, who travels to Sri Lanka with your family, then there is a play area for children as well. This park is for all age categories.

Apart from these areas, there are jogging tracks and a bridge called the “suspension bridge” which runs across the water pools in the park. Travelers ride manually-powered boats in these pools. It is a really enjoyable task. There is no dearth of food items either since there are small boutiques and mobile shops where you can buy a lot of food items. In addition, there is an aquarium that runs through a rock. It is closed these days. But it will be open soon to the public. The maintenance of the park should be praised because the cleaning staff cleans the park properly and regularly. Hence, it never gets filthy to look at.

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