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Kandy Lake

Travelers who come to Sri Lanka know that Kandy is a beautiful tourist attraction. Kandy Lake is one such place in #Kandy that adds beauty to the city and its ambiance. Since it is located near the Temple of Tooth, the majestic building in the center of #Kandy city, the beauty is enhanced. Vishmi Travels invites travelers who come to Kandy to stop by Kandy Lake for a while and enjoy the peaceful scenery around it.

Interesting Details about Kandy Lake

Kandy lake is also known as Sea of Milk and #BogambaraWewa. Nobody can do fishing in the lake because this is a protected lake. According to folklore and historical records, the area covered by the lake today had been a paddy field before. It was king Sri Wickrama #Rajasinghe who made the lake. That paddy land had been called Tigowela paddy land. There are many local stories about the lake. One such story is that the island in the middle of the lake was used by the king’s harem. And, there had been a secret tunnel linked to the palace from the island. Further. The building in the center had been used by the king to spend his leisure time.

General details about Kandy Lake

The lake covers an area of 6544m2. Its circumference is 3.21km. The depth is 18.5 meters. (This is the greatest depth). There is a defense wall that takes the look of a cloud. Apart from that, travelers can go jogging since there is space under the canopies of shady trees. Malwatta temple is located overlooking the lake. Travelers can go and visit that temple as well.

Walakulu Bamma (The wall which takes the shape of a cloud)

This has been built to enhance the beauty of the lake. Sri #Wickrama #Rajasinghe could not finish the building of this wall. Hence, it only runs around half of the lake. It remains unfinished even today. The reason for its incomplete construction is that the British conquered the coastal areas of the island and took control over the entire country. There are triangular-shaped holes in the wall. They are used to light oil lamps during festivals and special occasions.

Diyathilaka Mandapaya

This is a dam made by the king Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe to reach the opposite side of the lake. This had been the Royal Summer House of the palace’s queens and ladies. However, during the British period, it was used as ammunition and they added a fortress-styled wall around it.


This is the pavilion where king Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe’s queens and concubines used to bathe. During the British period, they added another storey and made the building a library. Today, this is used to run a police post.

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