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Mahiyangana Sorabora Lake

As travelers already know, Sri Lanka has a big collection of reservoirs made by ancient kings and people. #Sorabora #Lake in #Mahiyangana is one such lake that is located near #Mahiyangana town of #Badulla district. The ambiance around the Sorabora tank is eye-catching and the structure of the lake is said to be unique. Sorabora lake is 78km from Kandy and 195km from Colombo. The tank is located 6km from #Mahiyangana town. To reach the destination from #Mahiyangana, the travelers have to travel along the #Girandurukotte road. Vishmi Travels invites travelers there to come and see this marvelous construction in Sri Lanka.

The history behind Sorabora lake

History says that Sorabora lake is made by a giant called “#Bulatha”. He lived during the reign of King #Dutugemunu. #Bulatha was in charge of providing beetles to the palace. He traveled every day to the palace for this task from his village “#Kiripattiya” which was a small village in #Ududumbara. After seeing the stream on his way, he thought of building a reservoir by encircling it with large rocks. Since he was a well-built man, he could carry heavy rocks alone. Finally, he succeeded in the task, and king Dutugemunu rewarded Bulatha for this massive task.

Sorabora Lake and the vicinity

This tank is 485m long and 20ft wide. It spreads across 4.5 square kilometers. Like other reservoirs in the country, the Sorabora tank also feeds almost 2000 acres of cultivation lands in the area. Because of that, people call this the “sea of Binthenna”. Apart from being a feeding resource for cultivations, the tank is used for fishing activities also. There is pleasant greenery around the lake so that the time spent near the reservoir won’t be tiresome for the travelers.

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