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When You Are Done With Acrid Sightseeing, Come To Sinharaja Rain Forest, Sri Lanka

The #Sinharaja #rain #forest is at the apex of the index of forest density in Sri Lanka. It has been identified as a world heritage by #UNESCO also for the immense biodiversity that it is holding. It has dispersed around 88.64km2 across the lands of #Sabaragamuwa and #Southern #Province. The forest is held in high value even by the international parties for its biodiversity, being home to almost 60% of endemic species in Sri Lanka. Since the forest is situated at the basins of #KaluRiver and #GinRiver the dampness of the forest is a comfort to the travelers who walk along the footpaths. Travelers are going to be inevitably astonished by the silent wonders in the #rainforest. Vishmi Travels invites the forest enthusiasts there to come and witness the wonders in Sri Lanka.

What travelers can see in the rainforest.


When it comes to #Sinharaja, the possibility of encountering wild animals like #elephants or #leopards is rare because of the density of #forest. The experience that travelers are going to have at Yala differs from the one of #Sinharaja because Sinharaja is densely covered by trees. Travelers can see #birds, #reptiles and other small #species. Since you are walking under the beautiful canopies in the forest, it is better that you do not encounter wild animals face to face. And, most of the animals are endemic species.


#Rainforests are treasures of the nations. #Sinharaja is also the home to a number of endemics #plants. What is most beautiful about the canopy in the #forest is that it mitigates the fatigue of the travelers who walk in the forest. Apart from that, the density of trees is another reason for a good water cycle. There are giant trees which are famous among travelers. When they go to #Sinharaja, they do not forget to visit these places. Besides, what people enjoy most is wading in small streams that flow through the forest. Water is so cool and it will be a heavenly experience for your feet to stay in the water. What a beautiful combo to experience the greenery, water and then inhale the pure oxygen from a tropical rainforest. #Maha #Hedaya is a medicinal plant which is found in the forest. Like that, the forest is home to a lot of medicinal plants. Another mesmerizing thing is a liana that is 200 to 300 years old and this is called Pus Wela. This is located near #Kodimale. In addition to all these, there is lover’s walk, a lane canopied beautifully where youth go and enjoy the tranquility.

Traces of royalty

There are ruins of royal ponds where it is assumed that the queen and the royal family used this. There are beautiful yet thriller stories attached to this pond. Stories state that there had been a golden pot in the bottom of the pond. Whoever tries to take it out has drowned in the pond. In addition, people say that there is a tunnel inside the pond as well. And, the marble seat is the other trace that is left in the forest displaying the royalty. It is a flat marble #rock which is assumed to have been used by the royal family as a resting place. However, this is now removed and is placed inside the Temple of Tooth Relic as a place of offering flowers.

Domicile for humans

The #forest consists of small villages where even schools are functioning. Travelers may get an opportunity to taste the local Sri Lankan food. Apart from that, there are small galleries where you can go and rest for a while before continuing the walk. Vishmi Travels reminds our travelers that it is important to keep the forest undisturbed by human presence leaving only the traces of #footprints but not the leftovers of environmental polluters.

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