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The Red Mosque, A Mesmerizing Architecture In Pettah Colombo

Red Mosque in #Pettah, also known as Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque is located in the Second Cross Street Pettah, Colombo. In local terms, it is known as “#RathuPalliya” and “Red Masjid.” Even though Red Mosque is in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Colombo, Colombo Red Mosque is a big tourist attraction for both local and foreign travelers. What mesmerizes the eyes of the travelers is the architecture of this building. Let Vishmi Travels take the travelers through the walls of this beautiful and majestic architecture.

Built in 1909, the Red Mosque is an architectural combination of both Indo-Islam and Indian architecture. The color of the mosque is again a combination of red and white. This color combination adds great beauty and grandeur to the building. The colors are used in stripe patterns and this pattern is worth witnessing if you travel around Colombo. This building was built with the collaboration of the local Indian Muslim community for their religious purposes, including prayers and Jummah. It is a two-story building. The space of the mosque was expanded in 1975 to make it available for a congregation of 10000 prayer-goers. Even though the #mosque is for Muslims, all visitors from any religion are welcome to behold this beautiful creation.

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