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Sri Lankan Elephants at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Sri Lanka

If you are going to travel around Sri Lanka looking for majestic sceneries of Sri Lankan elephants, #Pinnawala #Elephant #Orphanage is a must visit. Surrounded by the cool environment of #Sabaragamuwa Province Sri Lanka, visiting these creatures’ daily routine at the orphanage is an experience full of warmth. However, Vishmi Travels would like to remind the visitors as usual that you have to be cautious not to provoke these animals by doing unauthorized activities at the place. We highly value your and the animals’ well being. To check the routines of the elephants at the Pinnawala Orphanage check, so that you can land there according to your comfortable time slots.

This traveler destination is located in Pinnawala, an area closer both to Colombo and Kandy. According to recent estimations, there are almost 100 elephants in this orphanage. Pinnawala Orphanage was opened with the hope of preserving Sri Lankan Elephants that were under threat of extinction as a result of British hunting during the colonial era. At the beginning, there were only five baby elephants. Now it is home to many.

What is most attractive about the place is the scenery of elephants’ bathing and baby elephants’ immature behaviors. The water supply for the elephant bathing comes from Ma Oya which flows closeby. The food for the elephants are provided by the orphanage and food includes rice and maize also. Sometimes tourists endeavor to feed these animals by themselves. Even though it is a pleasurable activity, this has been identified as an animal provoking activity and there have been several reported cases where the elephants tried to attack visitors for food. True that they are tamed, yet still they are animals and cravings for food may drive them insane. Hence, be careful! As long as visitors stay calm and enjoy the sight of the elephants, you won’t get into trouble.

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