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National Museum Kandy, Central Province, Sri Lanka

Vishmi Travels never fails to lead travelers to iconic places in Sri Lanka. The National #Museum in #Kandy, though not a big place, is worth visiting because of its historical significance. Travelers who go to Kandy can visit this place without putting a great effort because this is located next to the Temple of Tooth Relic in Kandy.

This building of the #museum had been known as “palle wahala” during ancient times. And, this part had been used as the palace of the king's #harem in the Kandy period. There are two buildings, one being this previously mentioned, palle wahala and the other being the former palace building. Travelers can see historical architectural creations of the #Kandy period at this #museum. Apart from that, the museum provides space for the artifacts made by the Kandy Art Association. What resides between the walls of the museum are weapons, jewelry of kings and queens, tools of Kandy and colonial periods, and most importantly a copy of the 1815 agreement. The amount of artifacts kept in the museum is 5000 according to the estimated values.

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