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Wildlife Adventures Are Not Over Yet,Minneriya National Park, Sri Lanka, Awaits There For Travelers.

#Minneriya National Park is a wildlife sanctuary situated in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. What travelers love most about the park is seeing animals, especially #Asian #elephants. The park is 182km from Colombo. In addition, the park is home to varieties of birds and the #Minneriya reservoir which is situated nearby is also worth witnessing during the journey. Vishmi Travels proudly invites all the wildlife lovers there to come and see these enormous wonders in this small island.

What can travelers see and do at the park?


#Minneriya is a dry zone and rich with small and large water reservoirs built by ancestors of the country. As travelers go along the borders of this area, grasslands, chena lands and scrublands are common scenery to behold. Even though the ambiance is acrid, if you choose to go around in the evening, you won’t feel exhausted at all because of the soothing breeze that comes from water reservoirs that are situated around the area. Some of the animals that you will be able to see at the park are Asian #elephants, #monkeys, Sri Lankan axis #deer, Sri Lankan sloth #bear, and Sri Lankan #sambar #deer. These are some examples for large mammals only. Apart from these animals, birds and aquatic species in the #Minneriya reservoir are also commonly visited by travelers.


Sri Lanka has several wildlife sanctuaries like Wilpattu, Yala, Udawalawa, Lahugala, and #Minneriya. Since these places are for sightseeing including visiting wild animals, safari jeeps are always there for you to take you through the woods. You can book your rides at a comfortable time of the day.

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