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Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka

Horton Plains National Park is a popular traveler attraction in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. This has attracted local and foreign travelers for its adventurous and beautiful voyage experience. Its elevation is 2100-2300 m. Travelers can find the park in #Ohiya, almost an hour from #NuwaraEliya. So, why not pay a visit to this beautiful place when you travel to Sri Lanka. Vishmi Travels is always ready to give you a safe ride.

Attractions in Horton Plains National Park.

The biodiversity in the park is mesmerizing. Especially the flora. The park consists of #cloud #forests, #grasslands, and montane forests. The climate is very cool. Hence, you have to wear outfits that can warm you up. The annual temperature at Horton Plains is 13o C but this may differ according to the time of the day. However, whatever time it is, this part of the country is relatively colder and that is why this area is a popular tourist attraction as well. The mist and the dampness in the park enhance the beauty around the vicinity. The Horton Plains National Park is important for the reason that it is the headwaters of three main rivers in the country. Those rivers are namely #Mahaweli, #Kelani, and #Walawe. Apart from the beautiful greenery that the travelers can witness, you will encounter Sri Lankan sambar deer as a common scenery in the park.

Bakers fall

Another reason why the park is popular among tourists is Bakers Falls, a waterfall in the park. Travelers can see this cascading fall at the #southern boundary of the park. There won’t be any person who is not passionately in love with waterfalls. It is like a bonus point that the travelers can see the waterfall in the park itself. Vishmi Travels invites travelers there to have this adventurous and beautiful experience. There is another waterfall called Slab Rock Falls in the park. You can reach there by following one of the main trails.

World’s end

Yes. You heard it correctly. Horton Plains National Park has an elevated cliff that people consider to be the #world’s end, one of the most adventurous journeys that a traveler can take when you visit Sri Lanka. This is a precipice of 870m. Apart from the main cliff, travelers can visit another world’s end called Lesser World’s End in the same park. This cliff is 270m in elevation. Most importantly, we would like to remind the travelers that when you go to the edge of these cliffs, you have to be very careful not to let you fall from the cliff. No, we are not hypothesizing since a few people have already lost their lives by not being careful. Leaving that reminder as well, Vishmi Travels would like to reiterate the importance of adding this place to your travel journey.

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