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A Place Of Magnificent Worth To Sri Lankans; Gangaramaya Temple In Colombo, Sri Lanka

If you are a traveler who is going to start the travel journey from #Colombo city in Sri Lanka, don’t forget to visit this religious place full of humanity. #Gangaramaya Temple is not only for religious purposes. As advocated by the Buddhist philosophy, the temple and its administration aim at building a sustainable country by spreading humanity. This is a place worth visiting because travelers can witness a lot of Sri Lankan cultural related things as well. Vishmi Travels invites the travelers out there to go and visit #Gangaramaya Temple when you are traveling around #Colombo.

What is more important about Gangaramaya Temple?

Navam Perahera

Navam is the month of February. #Navam #Perahera had initially been started in 1970, an era when Sri Lanka was going through dark episodes in history. At that time, the perahera was initiated with a lot of hardships because of the lack of people who could contribute actively. It is not merely a parade but provides numerous livelihoods to many people across different ethnicities. Pure Buddhist philosophy is to benefit each and every person irrespective of people’s creed.

Social services

It is not only through the perahera that the Gangaramaya temple aims to boost the lives of people. The temple has long term schemes to contribute to the society, mostly on behalf of the marginalized and disadvantaged categories by providing social services. There are four categories of social services; spiritual development, health development, educational development and environmental development.

Vocational training

Sri Jinarathana Training Institute is an associate vocational training institute of Gangaramaya Temple, having almost 40 institutes at outstations as well. It provides vocational training in relation to the fields of electronics, motor mechanism, electric wiring, tinkering, welding and blacksmith work. Apart from that, English language classes which are hosted by the same institute have also been a benefit to the students. Hence, Gangaramaya temple is not only about religion but about humanity and social welfare also.

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