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A Temple With A Cluster Of Caves, Dambulla Golden Temple, Sri Lanka

Vishmi Travels always values the legacy of Sri Lankan heritage and directs our travelers to witness the best travel attractions. #Dambulla Golden Temple, also known as Dambulla Cave temple is an archaeologically rich religious and cultural heritage in Sri Lanka which is named a world heritage site by UNESCO. Golden Temple Dambulla is the biggest and the sole well-preserved cave temple in Sri Lanka. Dambulla Cave temple located in Dambulla, Central Province of Sri Lanka. If the travelers trace the route from Colombo, this temple is 148km east of Colombo.

Attractions at Dambulla Golden Temple

According to records, there are 80 caves documented in this heritage site in which it is assumed that ancestral Sri Lankans lived in historical periods. However, the visitor attractions lie mainly in five caves. The temple has its reputation for statues and paintings that manifest Lord #Buddha, #Bodhisattva, #kings, and #goddesses. The number and density of these #statues and #paintings add extraordinary beauty and value to the temple. Apart from the glorified beauty in the caves, the inside of the temple is amazingly calm and peaceful. The darkness inside these caves won’t disturb the travelers at all because of the serenity that is more attractive about this place.

Statues and Paintings

There are statues of Lord #Buddha, #ancient #kings, and #goddesses in this cave temple. They are in different sizes and different poses. Even the ceilings are painted in kaleidoscopic colors and pictures. Everywhere you look is all about paintings and statues. #Kandyan-style mural paintings, wood carvings, and dragon arches are prominent at the place. These masterpieces show the dexterity of ancient craftsmanship in Ceylon. Even today, these arts stay gallant and intact because of that mastery and proper maintenance. #Dambulla Cave Temple is an ideal place to gain spiritual peace by detaching from the usual hubbub.

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