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Bentota, a major tourist attraction in Southern Province, Sri Lanka.

Located in #Galle District, a coastal town in Sri Lanka, #Bentota has earned a big tourist attraction both locally and internationally. It is 56km from north of Galle and 65km from south of #Colombo. Since it is a coastal area the travelers can have fantastic experiences at beaches and do #watersports. Apart from that, #Benthota has a local #airport which is something unique in a small island like Sri Lanka. If you are a fan of different alcohol items, #Benthota is famous for toddy production, a local beverage made out of coconut. It is never in vain giving a try out to taste new experiences. #VishmiTravels assures travelers that #Benthota is a correct choice to have a medley of traveling experiences with places like #Benthota #beach, #Turtle #Hatcheries, #Bentota #BriefGarden, #Richy #Skylark Helipad and #GalapathaRajaMahaVihare.

Places to Visit in Bentota

Brief Garden

This garden is designed by the renowned Bawa architecture brothers. The honor of design of the garden is of #Bevis #Bawa. Later his brother, another renowned architect #Geoffrey Bawa, renovated this. This is incredibly beautiful. You can take a solitary walk or take a guide with you. Since there is a center with #BawaHouse, travelers won’t lose their way. There are a plethora of tree species. There are benches fixed everywhere in the garden so that tourists can take a rest and enjoy the scenery in a leisurely manner. And, travelers can go and visit Bawa house which is in the garden. The house is also filled with wonders of the architecture world.

Bentota Beach

As you already know Sri Lanka does not have any dearth of coastal travel destinations. If you travel around #Bentota, don’t forget to enjoy the scenery of #BentotaBeach. It is a very clean seashore where you can spend your time with kids and loved ones.

Bentota Turtle Hatchery

The #turtleHatcheries in Sri Lanka have been established with the hope of preserving the turtles who are under the threat of extinction. This scenery of turtle hatcheries is best for animal lovers. You can enter the premises for an affordable price.

Cinnamon Island

Cinnamon is not an unknown thing even to foreign travelers because Sri Lanka is famous all around the world for its aromatic spices. If you visit #CinnamonIsland, you will be able to witness the entire process of making cinnamon: harvesting, peeling, oiling and rolling. Apart from that, travelers can experience the joy of water sports at this place. If you are an inquisitive traveler do make a visit to Cinnamon island when you travel around #Bentota.

Galapatha Viharaya

The temple is significant to travelers because of its archaeological value. From the threshold of entrance the travelers can behold #stone #pillars and #carvings in this temple.

Diyakawa Water Sport Center

Diyakawa is an aquatic bird. The center has been named after that bird because this place is exclusively made for watersports. This has the approval of Ceylon Tourist Board and therefore, travelers do not have to worry about their safety. The amazing thing is travelers can order delicious food as well.

Moragalla Beach

This is another #beach that you can go and enjoy when you travel around #Bentota. As a result of the coral reef, #swimming in this area is safe.

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